Friday, July 29, 2016

The Russian hacker meme

Hillary's campaign manager "Mook provided no proof that Russian agents committed the crime, he clearly painted Russia as an American adversary acting with malign intent. He then yoked Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to Russia’s neo-Czar Vladimir Putin: “I think that what’s troubling is how he (Trump) praised Vladimir Putin,” Mook said."

Whoa Nellie. Talk about Trump blabbing nonsense. He might as well have said Norma Bruce--I have ties with Russia that go back to the 1950s! I've even visited there! And I traveled there by train, not cruise ship. I am against Hillary Clinton, and I spend hours on an ancient computer. But it's just not as good a story. Sigh. 

Russia seems to figure prominently in Democrat lies. Remember when they smeared Palin, with a Russia joke when it was Tina Fey who said it? Since the lapdog press never checks it was really a popular story. When caught saying disparaging things about minorities and gays and Bernie in their leaked e-mails, they just deflected it to Russian hackers (they could see them from their kitchen?) instead of the content.

I still think someone needs to check into the murder of that DNC guy. There's a lot of that following the Clintons. But he was just a white, middle class man, not worthy of press coverage. Important only to his family, who would never be asked to speak on national TV about their lost son/brother.

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