Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Homeless in Columbus

There was an odd juxtaposition of articles in Monday's Columbus Dispatch (December 31, 2018).

1) Immigrant who is a janitress bought and fixed up a run down home in Linden area and is helping to revitalize the area (photo--really cute home, she's on the porch), "Affordable housing key to revitalized Linden." Like other home owners she is happy to see home values increasing as a result of her determination and hard work.

2) Terrible homeless problem in Columbus, higher than during the recession and higher than the other parts of Ohio, and there is a need for the new law (January 2, 2019) to prevent evictions or there will be more homelessness. And the writer looks to Homeport to continue providing more affordable housing (government money). "Resolved for 2019: It's time to decrease local homelessness."

I wrote about this "problem" over a decade ago at my blog, pointing out that Columbus Housing Partnership over 20 years (now 30) had millions and millions in government grants to "solve the housing problem" in Columbus. It created Homeport in 2004. Based on the just the money, there should be no low income person in Columbus without housing. Except.

Homelessness is just not about affordable housing. It's alcoholism, drug use, poor living skills, chronic illnesses, bad family relationships, mental illness, and the nanny state.

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