Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Some come to the New Year with great sadness and loss

A note on Facebook from our friend Sue in California.  We’ve known her in person about 15 years, but knew of her years before that because she’s such a close friend of Bob’s sister, Debbie.  Sue spent a week with us in Lakeside in 2017, and by the end of the week I think she knew half the people in town—she’s just has that kind of super personality.  She and her first husband had 3 sons, and they lost one, Michael, late in 2018. She had to leave her home in California and go to Oregon to live and care for him after he was released (briefly) from the hospital.  We were one of the many friends privileged to have a thank you note from Michael in his handwriting before he lost the use of his hands.

“Before 2018 ends, I want to make sure I thank all of my family and friends for all your love and support. It has been the most difficult year of my life and for Kevin and Chris as well. Without all of your support it would have been even worse.

We appreciate all the food baskets, flowers, plants, gift cards, money towards plane tickets, letters and cards that we have received and are still receiving over the last 8 months. Michael loved them too. If you sent them during the brief time he was out of the hospital in October, you received a handwritten thank you card from him. Those were the last notes he ever wrote. Sometime in early November he lost the ability to use his hands to write.

My beloved coworkers even donated some of their vacation time so I would receive full pay for the month of December.

Tonight is brutally hard for me to go into 2019 without his midnight phone call. He always called me to say “Happy New Year Mom” and to let me know he was safe. I know he will be saying it, I just won’t be able to hear his voice.

God bless you all in 2019 and know that in your time of need, I will be there for you as well.❤️❤️❤️”

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