Monday, January 07, 2019

Who killed the Golden State?

Ten million Californians have fled in the last generation. When my family lived there in 1944-45, the Oakies and Arkies were flooding the place--it was the land of opportunity and new beginnings. Now their grandchildren are leaving.

If you believe charging higher taxes is the answer to poverty, educational system failure, violence, bankrupt pension funds, then California should be a lesson for you. Who killed the golden goose and golden state?

The hallmark of all liberal thought--self righteousness.

". . .one of the landmarks of the new California mentality is denial and self-righteousness that assume it is illiberal to notice that a quarter of the nation’s homeless population sleeps on California streets, or that violent crime is 20 percent higher in California than the national median, or that San Francisco ranks No. 1 in per capita property crime rates of all the nation’s largest cities."

Coastal California is a lot like feudal Europe--only richer.

"So there is a separate state of Coastal California, a manor of prosperity. And it is probably the richest urban area in the world, or rather in the history of civilization — drawing on its geostrategic location, long coastline, weather, climate, blue-chip universities, and high-tech industries. Residents have the disposable income and leisure to live the life of aristocrats — and do so if gauged by their lifestyle choices, travel, hired servants, and appurtenances."

Victor Davis Hanson assesses the sad state.

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