Thursday, January 10, 2019

Wisdom according to Joan

“Sanctuary” cities (in clearer language) are hideouts for lawbreakers. These cities are providing “aid and comfort” to people who have broken our laws to enter this country. Aiding and abetting criminals is not a “humanitarian” goal; it is, in itself, another crime. If I provide a place for a burglar (another kind of lawbreaker) to evade capture, I am also arrested and charged with a crime. Why is this not applicable to those local elected representatives who openly help lawbreakers evade the law?”

Joan Shaw Turrentine is blogger and Facebook friend, former teacher and pastor’s wife.  And also,

"The truth about all the political crazy that's creating havoc in DC? It's not about immigration. It's not about Trump. It's not about taxes. It's not about the wall or even abortion. It IS about hanging on to power and keeping a seat on the gravy train that is public office."

I agree with Joan on this, and I add that no one in my lifetime has threatened that power base as much as President Trump. So by deflection he is hated, and those of us who voted for him are reviled and kicked out of our social circles and families.

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