Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Are Americans the worst patients in the world?

“Recriminations tend to focus on how Americans pay for health care, and on our hospitals and physicians. Surely if we could just import Singapore’s or Switzerland’s health-care system to our nation, the logic goes, we’d get those countries’ lower costs and better results. Surely, some might add, a program like Medicare for All would help by discouraging high-cost, ineffective treatments.

But lost in these discussions is, well, us. We ought to consider the possibility that if we exported Americans to those other countries, their systems might end up with our costs and outcomes. That although Americans (rightly, in my opinion) love the idea of Medicare for All, they would rebel at its reality. In other words, we need to ask: Could the problem with the American health-care system lie not only with the American system but with American patients?”

Atlantic July 2019. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/07/american-health-care-spending/590623/

Anna Loska Meenan, who lives in the Rockford area and used to be on staff at the Mt. Morris clinic, says:

This excellent article explains why Medicare for All in the US would quickly lead to one of two scenarios: Either the health care system would be immediately bankrupted, or the resulting rationing would lead to riots in the streets. Having been involved in health care, I can confirm that this author speaks the truth, and from conversations with docs who are still seeing patients, I can see that things have only gotten worse since I left medicine 10 years ago.

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