Thursday, July 04, 2019

TV channels refuse to be patriotic

We're enjoying "Salute to America" on Fox on July 4 and the President's great speech about scientific discoveries, brave explorers, civil rights and justice, and his honoring the various branches of the military. Massive crowds standing in the rain. While watching the Marines' tribute, we took a peek at the broadcast channels to see if they were following through with their anti-America threats because they hate the President, and sure enough, got a food processing commercial and 2 game shows. The brave, the strong and the free. And the media all said, not us.

Record low number of Democrats (22%) say they are proud to be American, and it wasn't all that high during the Obama reign, either. "76% of Republicans, who have historically taken much more pride in the country, tick the extreme box. Even when Barack Obama was president, Republicans still managed to come in at 68%." (Market Watch)  That about tells the story of why the country is polarized.

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