Sunday, July 28, 2019

The signs of Lakeside

These signs are political, but those who host them in front of their cottages refuse to call them that. For thousands of years the sign of the rainbow was about God's covenant with Noah, a reminder of His faithfulness. In recent years it's lost that meaning as it has been politicized and used for the LGBTQ agenda. When CEOs or college presidents are fired for saying “all lives matter,” which is Jesus’ message, when business people who believe in God’s plan for marriage are sued or threatened, when the science doesn’t matter and isn't real if it’s biology instead of climate, then, yes, the message is political.

 I am pro-life, which is also Biblical, which is loving our weakest and most helpless neighbor, but if I had a poster of an aborted baby or a pro-life message in front of my Lakeside cottage, someone would be offended and say abortion is a political issue.


There's not much in that first sign that is Biblical.   Women are glorified in the Bible--Mary, the mother of God, the women disciples who were the first to tell the Good News to doubting men,  the Proverbs 31  woman, the women who either saved or raised Moses--not much about "rights" at all--only service to others and to God, especially procreation,  and not promoting oneself as special.

All science is based on God's  truth, not fantasy, carbon taxes, and red tape to strangle business. The Bible does promote biology as truth, and not a word that humans control earth's destiny--except as caretakers. All lives matter to Jesus, but that phrase can get you fired if you say it.

Yes, we have no life without water, Lake Erie was formed by a melting glacier as the earth warmed. There are many images of water, God's covenant with Noah--the first rainbow--baptism, crossing the Red Sea, the River Jordan, etc. that are Biblical, but on this sign water has no Biblical meaning.

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