Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Getting to know you better

The "gang of 4" claim to love America and stand for her values (which no one seems to agree on). If they were acquaintances you met through an on-line dating service, that's what they might have said in the promo/ad. You know--"looking for love, quiet walks and talks, sexy, smart and woke."

Then when you had a face to face meeting, they began suggesting your clothing wasn't appropriate for the event, that there was a mustard stain on your outfit, and your hairstyle was sort of redneck. Well, OK, all that's superficial, so you try a second date, new venue more to their liking.
Now they start in on your family, your weight, your church and your level of education. Shouldn't you be eating vegan or gluten free; do you really need dessert? Why do you read the Bible? You live in that ZIP code? You grit your teeth and smile because you know this is the "one" all your friends say is so terrific.

Third date, they suggest that because of the distance between you, maybe they could just leave a few items at your apartment--some clothes, cosmetics, and maybe pet food, but they've never mentioned that the pet isn't a dog, it's a wolf. Maybe you were slow to catch on, maybe you were too lonely and needy, but hey, you're not stupid. You excuse yourself to go to the rest room and never come back to the table.

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