Monday, July 08, 2019

Blast from the past--the fifties

Carol Samsel Hayes sent me a scan of what looks like some old photos of me in elementary school, and my high school freshman class photo. Carol is a cousin by marriage of my cousin and reader of my blog, Gayle. As I recall, we spent a lot of time together summer of 1953 playing cards and going to the pool and getting together with Doree.  Then Carol's family moved--maybe around 1954 to the Chicago area.  We reconnected about 10 years ago on the internet.

I remember that pale pink (lower left) coat with a little black velvet trim on the collar--was considered very stylish then.  I think I'm wearing a tan denim skirt I made for 4-H and "bucks" shoes--mine were a rust color (middle top), and I seem to have Steve Brinker in a head hold and am wearing jeans, so it must have not been a school day since we didn't wear jeans to school in those days.  You can see the old elementary school building which was torn down years ago. It must have been before school in the morning because of the shadows. Then there's a group photo of 7th and 8th grade girls, with Carol and Doree among them.

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