Monday, May 01, 2006

2429 Bite the Hand that Feeds you Day

Stop by at the Guard the Borders Blogburst to catch the best at one site. Those companies that shut down to show support, should be closed for good if they are hiring illegals.

Median Sib says it's not racism.


Randy Kirk said...

I doubt whether I can convince you on this, but there is a huge misunderstanding about the overall issue of hiring undocumented workers.

There are employers who are purposely seeking out, even helping to immigrate, and then exploiting workers.

Then there are the average small businesses in agriculture, manufacturing, food businesses, etc., who are in the so called "dirty" industries. With unemployment in the US at 4.7% (Thank you George Bush), there just aren'e enough workers to do the job. We have full employment even with 10,000,000 undocumenteds helping out.

Yes, we need an orderly way to handle immigration instead of the current anarachistic way, but most employers are only trying to keep there doors open when they can't find anyone to do the job other than illegals.

I'm a Goldwater/Reagan/Bush conservative, but the Republicans are off the mark on this one. We need to make it clear that we understand there is a human being behind each of these workers.

Norma said...

Randy, you're a great writer, and I like you're stuff, but hiring illegals to keep your doors open, is against the law, just like polluting or not paying FICA or not paying minimum wage. Where else do you want us to cut corners?

Randy Kirk said...

The first day of law school they teach you not to propose laws that have no realistic enforcement prospects or laws which you have no intention of enforcing. Such laws lead to disrespect of the law, and to anarchy with regard to that law.

Further, society tends to stop paying any attention to such laws. More than 50% of drivers are totally ignoring the hands free laws on cell phones in cars, much less the speed laws.

So you have workers coming to America who have been given a wink and a nod for over 20 years. Now the government is supposed to say "we were only kidding. Uproot your family, sell your home, and move back."

So you have employers who have been hiring and training workers who have been given a wink and a nod for over 20 years. Now the government is supposed to say "we were only kidding. Fire all those folks, declare bankruptcy, and destroy all you've built.

You see, Norma, I believe that laws should be followed, but I also believe that the basis of law is justice. Justice is not served when government applies the law capriciously.