Sunday, August 05, 2007


Reuniting before the nursing home

This morning the local PBS had the fund raiser running with the 50s doo-wop groups. How long before the current reunion tours end up at the state fairs, then the PBS fund raisers, and finally Lakeside? Today's Plain Dealer listed a few on the nostalgia (i.e. money) bandwagon.
    Spice Girls
    Eagles (got an early start on this in the 90s)
    Fleetwood Mac
    Smashing Pumpkins
    Crowded House
Drug problems, big egos, stealing and womanizing usually break these groups up, and love of money and dimming memories bring them back together to play for audiences who want to reconnect with a time in their lives which they recall as less complicated.

Eric Carmen, singer guitarist of the Raspberries was quoted, "There's something about being in a band. It's like being through a war with someone. . . it's a powerful thing."


JAM said...

There's almost a bottomless supply of money to be had from middle agers like me who want desperately to relive their youth or to just catch that concert way back when.

Where I work, we have a company wide classifieds on our intranet. Recently someone was trying to sell 2 tickets to the Police in Miami, full price of course, but they could not attend.

They paid, and were asking for $850 for the pair. Using my brilliant mathematical mind, I quickly deduced that this worked out to a mere $425 per ticket.

I think $30-$40 for a concert is too steep. $425? No way.

Norma said...

Just wait til they're playing the state or county fair. Prices should go down a bit.