Friday, August 10, 2007


Classes at the Rhein Center

Last night the instructors at the Rhein Center in Lakeside had a pitch-in/covered dish dinner. Families also attend, so I brought a home baked pizza and a sugar-free raspberry/chocolate pie, because my husband teaches Perspective Drawing. I did sign up on Sunday for two classes (creative writing and a watercolor workshop), but after seeing the opportunities, I wish I'd made a little more effort, especially since it has rained almost every day. For instance, while we explored a delicious vegetable casserole that arrived late, I chatted with Christine Grimm who taught basic metal clay. I didn't even know such a thing existed, and you should see the jewelry that is created in that class. Here's the description:
    Using clay that turns to 99.9% pure silver when fired, "we will start out small, making a pendant with basic techniques that can be used anywhere, anytime, without a kiln." The instuctor provided all the tools and materials (fee $20) to make a ring and a 16" necklace.
And then I also chatted with Barb Hall, whom I'd seen during the week at the next table. She has made and flown kites all over the world. She was a real Pied Piper with the children, and also teaches archery. She has been flying kites for over 18 years and has won awards for her hand made kites at a number of festivals. She is the president of the Central Florida Cloud Chasers. In her classes children 7-adult made kites from Tyvek, parachutes with a jumping firefighter, and an airplane from a foam plate. Class materials were $2-$5. She also told us about a wonderful, inexpensive home sharing/bed and breakfast service for travelers over 50, Evergreen Club. For an annual fee and $15 a night, travelers can stay in the homes of fellow members. And there are all sorts of pottery, ceramics, and porcelain classes--lots of clay being thrown on the wheels of the Rhein Center.

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