Sunday, August 19, 2007

The son who transcended his father's failures

A very interesting article about Arthur Miller's son, who was hidden away most of his life because he had Down Syndrome.
    Daniel Miller, they say, is a "guy who's made a difference in a lot of lives." They also say he is someone who, considering the challenges of his life, has in his own way achieved as much as his father did. The way Arthur Miller treated him baffles some people and angers others. But the question asked by friends of the father and of the son is the same: How could a man who, in the words of one close friend of Miller's, "had such a great world reputation for morality and pursuing justice do something like this"?

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JAM said...

This article is amazing. I had to read both of Miller's most famous plays, but otherwise knew nothing of him.

What a tragic story in this article. Seems as if Daniel himself has the heart of gold his father lacked.