Thursday, August 30, 2007


Polygamy might be better than nannygamy

Polygamy will be the next change in marriage law. After the gays push through same sex legal unions, there will be no reason to limit it to two consenting adults, or three or even adults. They already have a political action group to decriminalize it.

Polygamy has some benefits, according to an ABC program I watched the other night about a community of polygamists in Arizona. Legally, the man (a school teacher) has only one wife, however, their community and church recognize both women equally. The younger one is hoping he'll take a third wife, because she needs some help. There are seven children, five by wife #1 and two by wife #2. The women are close friends and help each other; the older one helped the younger with a difficult birth. The older wife goes to work in an an office, while the younger one stays home to care for the children. She's pooped.

I saw an ad for a nanny in our local paper. Truly, it sounds like this family needs polygamy, a wife #2, not a nanny. Here's what "young professional couple" wants
  • nanny to work 2-3 days full time, with possible full time
  • prior experience with newborn (the "delightful" girl is 3 months old)
  • pediatric CPR training
  • First aid certificate
  • college degree
  • interest in child development
  • car
  • driver's license
  • references
  • must pass background check
  • caring, experienced and energetic personality
  • willing to do housekeeping
  • be able to cook
  • do the laundry
  • run errands
My advice to mommy (or daddy--the ad doesn't say but I suppose it could be a same-sex couple) is: stay home with the baby for awhile if you are this anal about proper child care. These are the delightful years. There's no committee meeting, conference or promotion worth missing those smiles and kisses.


Ladybug Crossing said...

They need a wife.

Anonymous said...

I can do that, heck I am even an RN with Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

3 days a week, sixty grand. Heck fifty grand. Watch one kid, cook and clean.

That would be one happy kid and I would be able to use someone else's kitchen to experiment.

Where do I apply?