Monday, August 20, 2007


Glut of teachers in southwestern Ohio

Today's paper reported (AP) that school districts in Warren County are being flooded by applicants for job openings. More than 3,000 applied for 63 positions in Mason; 2,000 applied for 21 positions in Springboro near Dayton; and Lebanon had 800 applicantsfor 30 jobs. Even assuming that some applicants applied in all those places, that's a lot of teachers looking for jobs.

Guess who the union protects? The ones with the most experience--I'm not sure they can even accept entry level positions if they are willing. The districts are making the most of their dollar by hiring new grads. Starting salaries are around $34,000. Positions have been eliminated in some of the districts in that area as people move to the suburbs.

Feel badly for underpaid teachers? Study shows the average hourly wage is $34.06, and the districts with the highest pay like Detroit, New York and Los Angeles have the poorest test scores.

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JAM said...

They were talking of something similar on local talk radio this morning as I got ready for work. Florida passed mandated smaller classrooms and it seems that they arent' having any trouble hiring the teachers needed. Plenty of applicants to be had, so they're optimistic to have enough teachers to allow for smaller head counts.

Brevard county, where I live, has grown so fast at the south end, again where I live, that every school, even brand new ones, in the southern half of the county have a field full of temporary trailers for classes. They design and build a school and it's overcrowded on they day the new school opens.

They're getting paid pretty darn good too. Forget the old "teachers are underpaid" maxim of times past.

I could make almost as much as a teacher here as I do as an engineer, but at least I don't have to put up with snotty kids.

The NEA despises Florida because it's a Right to Work state.