Friday, August 31, 2007


Only Republicans get booted for bad behavior

Democrats don't seem to care--there are a number of Democrats under not just a cloud, but a downpour, beginning with Teddy letting a young woman drown, Jefferson of Louisiana and his cold cash and misuse of the national guard, Ray Nagin wanting a chocolate city after he let welfare residents sink or swim in New Orleans, and flowing right up to Hillary who's been accepting funny money from a man named Hsu (pronouced shoe). And don't tell me about how Republicans run on "family values" so it's about hypocrisy. Bunches of Democrats won election in 2006 by switching to, "I just found Jesus," during their campaigns.

"It seems like a high price to pay for toe-tapping and hand waving, but Craig pleaded guilty rather than dispute the charges. He has to take responsibility for that action as well, and as a Senator, he knows that his credibility depends on actions in and out of Washington. The accusations and the guilty plea reflect poorly on him and poorly on the GOP if they try to shield him. Basically, Craig embarrassed himself, and the party doesn't want to pay the price for Craig's individual actions." Captain's Quarters.

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