Friday, August 17, 2007

Democrats get chewed out and up by the Daily Kos crowd

Today's Opinion by Kimberly Strassel:
    "If the liberal blogging phenomenon deserves to be known for anything, it is the strategy to intimidate or silence anyone who disagrees with its own out-of-the-mainstream views. That muzzling has been on full display in recent weeks as Mr. Moulitsas [Daily Kos] and fellow online speech police have launched a campaign against the centrist Democratic Leadership Council. DLC Chairman Harold Ford, Jr. was even thwacked last week for daring to speak to this editorial page (my sincere apologies, Mr. Ford)--the clear goal to discourage him from making such a free-speech mistake again."
No, the Soros Kossacks don't allow any centrists. Look out, party faithful.

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