Friday, August 24, 2007


Zit-geist: what's your favorite teen movie?

I probably won't be seeing the latest teen coming-of-age movie, Superbad, although it's not getting bad reviews. Raunchy. I can't find the title of my favorite teen movie, because I've only seen parts of it on TV, never the beginning or the ending. From the clothing, I'd guess it was made 1950-52. The plot: new teacher comes to town, rents a room, falls for young dude with hot car. When school starts she finds out the guy is a high school student. Anyone know the title? Is it on DVD?

Here's some of my favorites:
    The old Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney films from the 30s and 40s are fun to watch--they were always putting on a show

    Any of the moon-June-croon musicals of the 1950s

    Rebel without a cause (1955)

    The graduate (1967)--Benjamin's a bit beyond teen years, but close. Katherine Ross was so pretty--she's my age.

    American Graffiti (1973) This can bring tears to the eyes of a 50s grad

    Grease (1978) Not as good as the 50s, but cute

    Karate Kid (1984) Macchio and Morita--great team

    Breakfast club (1985) Trying to figure out my kids!

    Back to the future (1985) Loved it; much better than the sequels

    Pretty in Pink (1986) Molly had a great career, didn't she?

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)--always think of my kids cutting school

    Sister Act (1992) Yikes, 15 years ago--OK, not strictly a teen movie, but takes place in a school. Whoopi and Maggie, what a team

    Shattered Hearts (1998)--Made for TV. Star athlete and top student, both college bound, fall in love. He is struck down by cancer. Very sad.

    Almost famous (2001)--main character is a teenager who follows a rock band

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Sherry said...

Best under-appreciated teen movie: That Thing YOu Do, directed by Tom Hanks (1996). A kid and some friends start a rock band, and, wonder of wonders they make a hit tune. The band goes on tour, but they end up being one-hit wonders. It's a great movie about what fame can do to friendships and romantic realtionships.