Sunday, August 05, 2007


Why I lose faith in the experts

There is so much green goo on the environmental bandwagon, it's no wonder it's a slippery slope to humanistic destruction. There are wonderful, humane, spiritual and Biblical reasons to protect and respect our earth, many of them also fiscally sound. Others are pure nonsense, designed to make a buck or three. Like this description for an education course my husband received today from AIA
    "A Living Systems Approach to Design: The impact of human activity exceeds our planet's capacity to accommodate change, ultimately harming Earth's ability to sustain life. This session, presented by architects Chrisna du Plessis and William Reed, explores the new realities, and responsibilities architects face when must consider how human and natural systems can evolve together."
Now let's compare that to this
    "[Look at a midnight sky] It still reverberates from the Big Bang of its creation 13.7 billion years ago. . . Gamma-ray bursts release more energy in a blink than our sun can produce in a billion years." Robert Lee Hotz WSJ, 8-3-07
One or both of these descriptions of life has to be wrong. One says earth can't withstand the measly gasoline engine in the United States and Europe, the other says it created itself with no outside help almost 14 billion years ago, killing off millions of generations of species in trial and error before man ever appeared to dig an oil well.

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