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It's new notebook time

This notebook, with a pink/coral hydrangea design by Tina Higgins, is all used up. I started it June 13. Looking through it, I see many things I never added to the blog, so you are welcome to them. In May 2006 I listed 44 items I didn't blog about that were in the used up notebook. In October I listed over 30 blogging leftovers I didn't use. Here's the summer of 2007 list.
    1. EPA estimates of removing 100 lbs from the trunk of your car. I may still use this one in a weight loss blog, about removing excess from your own trunk.

    2. Fashion advice for Father's day. This was a photo essay in the Columbus Dispatch. Idea was not to be so sloppy and don't wear clothes too big.

    3. Amnesty. Biggest issue of the summer. I probably used these notes, especially about Ted Kennedy's role in this mess.

    4. Where Bush has failed conservatives--think I used some of the notes in various blogs.

    5. Anne Graham Lotz quote about a PBS special on her Mom (Mrs. Billy Graham) that managed to never mention the name of Jesus.

    6. FBI hiring 4,564 agents since 9/11 and what they are looking for (sounds like all the same skills that librarians treasure).

    7. Alli--that new weight loss product that has the side effect of oily discharge. Yuk.

    8. Diabetes death rate lower in men than women--may have noted this.

    9. Nicotine patch success rate same as placebo.

    10. Global pedophile ring--ring leaders are British.

    11. John McGoldbreck, MD--reader writes to WSJ on how his family has more money now that they live on one income. I may still use this one--looks good to go up against the Dims for wanting to raise taxes, and the Repubs for not doing anything about the AMT.

    12. Bush vetoes stem cell bill.

    13. My stolen identity.

    14. 70 year-old wearing shorts to the coffee shop. This didn't seem too alarming after I got to Lakeside and see most 80 year-olds in shorts.

    15. Direct and indirect costs of heart failure, CHD and stroke.

    16. Direct and indirect costs of obesity as identified in workers' comp claims (Arch. of Int. Med.: 2007;167:766-773).

    17. Cleveland's crime rate--problems with police and firefighters as perps.

    18. NOLA's deaths up 47%. Look at how cities run by Democrats for decades are faring.

    19. Cream cheese use at the free snack table at Panera's. Guess who?

    20. Alison E. Burke, medical illustrator. I like her stuff.

    21. God and the blow fly. Illustrates all the reasons I don't believe in evolution. Using a hbc bear, the ODNR staff observe the blow fly maggots at work. It's an incredibly complex and precise schedule, and the information is used to determine time of death in humans.

    22. Death of Bob Evans, 1918-2007.

    23. My IQ test in elementary school, 126.

    24. $54 million pants litigation. This was so well covered by comedians and reporters, there was no need for me to weigh in.

    25. Where is your reading nook? Based on a Home Magazine survey.

    26. WSJ subprime article based on 3 complaints out of 60,000 loans in 2006-2007.

    27. Value of $1 million. Gas prices.

    28. Democrats and Talk Radio--why they can't walk the talk.

    29. People who grieve for those in Darfur, but are willing to kill the unborn. You know who you are, and I don't get it.

    30. Wellness seminar. My way is too boring.

    31. Wearing the U.S. flag on your butt.

    32. Jill Rappaport [Today show] how many trees died for her home in the Hamptons? (Architectural Digest, June 2007)

    33. More people in Cleveland die without a verb than in Columbus.

    34. My favorite lunch.

    35. Plain Dealer travel ideas.

    36. Campbell's Soup is going to market canned soup to Russians.

    37. How to kill an already struggling state--Michigan. John Dingell's idea for a carbon tax.

    38. Separate is not equal; it is better. Why the ACLU wants Cleveland to scrap successful one sex schools.

    39. Sanctimonious celebrities and environment issues.

    40. Friendships--how many in a lifetime? On the decrease according to PD reporter John Campanelli's figures.

    41. National ice cream day.

    42. Barns. A barn in Burton Township in Geauga Co. had been cleaned up for the wedding of the owner's daughter.

    43. Going green is anti-female.

    44. Mega veggie diets and cancer.

    45. Nationalizing health care--what Obama and Hillary want.

    46. New Harry Potter book. (no need to report)

    47. What if Obama's mama had been black?

    48. Novak's Prince of Darkness book.

    49. Cleveland Public School scores, as reported in the PD, compared to the rest of Ohio and private schools and charter schools.

    50. Democrats and the poverty theme. This one will definitely need to be resurrected, especially in light of John Edwards' investments in funds that hold subprime loans for homeowners in New Orleans.

    51. Short term missions by Christians.

    52. Silly car ads--I'm looking for 13 but only have 9.

    53. Hurricane statistics.

    54. 13 reasons to read JAMA--this is in draft form, but essentially finished.

    55. Large companies that recruit the disabled. I found 13 points in an article featuring Walgreen's plan--might use it for a TT.

    56. Photo of Tom Drake (movie star, dancer) in the paper. He's the uncle of my sister-in-law.

    57. Meeting Roger's daughter-in-law in the coffee shop.

    58. The faith of scientists in science.

    59. The conditions of local bridges.

    60. hyphens

    61. Student loans, based on Ana M. Alaya's article. This was almost too easy to poke fun at, but I may still use it. Predatory lenders are causing a college grad to take a roommate and ride the train because of high repayment amounts.

    62. Review of "The two income trap" by Amelia Tyage, apparently doesn't tell the whole story--biggest increase in costs since the 70s is our tax bill (140%), and Democrats want it to go even higher. Reviewed in WSJ by Todd J. Zywicki (hard to read my writing).

    63. James B. Stewart on the amazing economy which just keeps expanding despite the perfect storm.

    64. Pay raises: who gets the biggest. War for talent: 1) signing bonuses for IT, finance, administration, marketing and sales. 2) Flexibility

    65. What dredging of the St. Clair River is doing for Lake Erie and to Lakes Huron and Michigan.
My goodness, that's a lot of stuff I didn't write about. Once I put the notebook in the cabinet, it's pretty much forgotten.

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