Monday, September 29, 2008

The good news

Sandy always looks on the bright side and refuses to be scared by government stats asking for more money:
    after infancy, old age is the single biggest risk for dying. In 2004, the death rate was:

    0.08% for ages 18-24 (38% lower than in 1950)

    0.19% for ages 35-44

    0.42% for ages 45-54

    0.91% for ages 55-64 (52% lower than in 1950)

    2.16% for ages 65-74

    5.27% for ages 75-84

    13.82% for ages 85+ (32% lower than in 1950)

    Dying of cancer is one of the biggest fears for young adults, but it can be reassuring to realize that, despite the media portrayals, cancers are primarily diseases of aging. Overall death rates from cancers are 0.09% for ages 25-34 years and don’t even cross above 1% until age 75+. Health of the Nation

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