Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's the world we voted for

I see brands of green,
dollar signs too,
regulations are growing--
for me and for you.

And I think to myself,
So we control the world?

I see inventors leave,
small businessmen too,
Unions are flexing--
for them not for you.

And I think to myself,
It's a Democrat world.

The colors of a rainbow
once thought so cool,
just special interest groups--
with power to rule.

And I think to myself,
it's a never change world.

Michigan, Ohio,
and Illinois too,
are ranked the lowest--
soon it will be you

And I think to myself
it's an Obama world.

Don't hear babies cry,
Or see them grow,
A lot were aborted--
More than we know.

And I think to myself,
Do we want such a world?


Anonymous said...

Michigan, Ohio and Illinois are ranked the lowest in what?

Norma said...

Illinois, Ohio and Michigan were the 3 least successful states ranted by domestic migration, per-capita income growth and employment growth. Michigan particularly is in trouble, and Obama wants this for the rest of us. Believe it or not, it's not our weather, either, but hostile tax policies towards business and regulatory policies. Dems love clean air and empty factories.

Anonymous said...

Interesting... the Republicans were governors of Ohio from '91 until '07.

In Illinois from '77 to '03.

and in Michigan from '91 - '03.

Just enough time, and in power long enough to destroy their economies... if one can trust your analysis. Looks like Repubs like dirty air and empty factories.

Oh.. no.. wait, what am I saying? It couldn't be Republicans, only Democrats can be tarred with an overly broad brush, right?

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, Alaska's growth in real GDP was in the lowest quintile for 2006-07. Guess what party the governors of that state are from.

Now.. Oregon, which has had Democratic governors since '91, and a very progressive environmental policy, was in the highest quintile for that period.

Perhaps that's what happens when your conclusions are based on cherry-picked facts. They just don't stand up.

Norma said...

Where did I say it's the fault of Democrats? I live in Ohio (and next door to Michigan) and know who our governor was/is, and know that since 2006 it has gotten worse. I also know that you don't encourage business by threatening higher taxes which is what Obama is doing for the whole nation. Government does not grow the economy--people do.

Anonymous said...

I think when you talk about very heavily implied in your post. You talk about the bad economic conditions in the 3 states, claim that it is from hostile tax policies and finish with the comment about Dems liking clean air and empty factories. If you don't believe it is the fault of the Dems, then you are being misleading and disingenuous, since you mention them in the same paragraph as the problems facing Ohio, Illinois and Michigan. If you think they will make matters worse, then certainly make that argument. However, I don't think that you left any doubt about where you attach the blame for those problems.

Actually, governmental spending can grow the economy. It's a basic principal of Keynesian economics and worked quite well in helping this country get out of the depression.

By the way, then, you must be upset at Ms. Palin's restructuring of corporate taxes in Alaska to take more money from the oil companies.

Anonymous said...

let's have another peom about Obama.Or the evil Democrats.Oh, how's that going for you?

Norma said...

I did one on Fannie and Fred last year.