Sunday, January 17, 2010

Garage Slab--Winter issue is now out

You may recall my enthusiasm for garages--I did a little photo essay on Lakeside's garages this past summer because garage architectural history is a few years younger than the automobile, which at first shared space with the horses in the stable. Lakeside cottage owners constantly remodel, but some have let the ivy grow over the garage listing in the back yard, so it's fun to investigate their styles. I didn't finish that theme and still have some photos on my laptop waiting for my brilliant critique. But in the meantime, I found Garage Slab, a new publication for garage lovers published right here in Columbus, or rather, Bexley. The winter issue is out, and I'm going to have a few copies to distribute. As I said in November (and I think it is still true),
    "Attractive design; clever theme; humor; great photography; good quality paper; nice graphics and layout; an abundance of advertisers; published and printed in Columbus by Greasy Shirt Publishing, but available in 11 other states."

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