Monday, September 13, 2010

On the road to the wedding--Monday Memories

Today I received a 50th anniversary card from my cousin Sharon Weybright, which included a photograph of her and her fiance at an Oasis rest stop near Chicago, taken by her father, Leslie, when the family was on the way to our wedding in Mt. Morris, Illinois on September 11, 1960. I think the tollway was only about a year or two old then, and Fred Harvey Restaurants were the vendors. The Harvey restaurants started on trains in the 1870s and continued to serve travellers in automobiles until the mid-1960s.

Notice not only how glamorous Sharon is--hat, gloves, high heels (she was about 21), but how well dressed the people are who are entering the restaurant. It was a different time. No baggy jeans and butt cracks in those days!

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