Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can you hear that heartbeat?

A lovely song about the heartbeat of a living child--nice acoustic guitar. Gather on September 20th at the Ohio Statehouse in the Atrium for the Heartbeat Bill Rally: 7-11 am Prayer; 11am-2pm Speakers; 2-4 pm Balloon Delivery to the Senators; 4-5pm Closing Prayer

Can you hear that heartbeat? - YouTube

The Heartbeat bill will 1) require a test for a fetal heartbeat, Sec. 2919.19(C); 2) inform women of their baby's heartbeat, Sec. 2919.19(D), and 3) legally protect babies with detectable heartbeats. Sec. 2919.19(E). Some pro-lifers are "all or nothing." This bill doesn't repeal Roe v. Wade, and doesn't roll back to conception for a definition of "life," or "living." But it could save thousands of babies. This is the slavery issue of our era--the chance to be involved in something really important. Many people of the 1850s and 1860s wouldn't personally own a slave, but also wouldn't agree that no one else had the "right" to own one. Many thought slaves should be freed, but didn't want them in their community taking their jobs. Others would help them escape, but would do it in secret. So now pro-lifers, anywhere on the continuum have a chance to save lives.

It's nibbling around the edges--meaning that conservatives are learning from liberals and progressives and Marxists the important of winning the small victories and then keeping the pressure on. If it gets struck down? So what. We'll keep going. When the Supreme Court finally outlawed partial birth abortion (something our President approves of), it was the Nebraska version of the Ohio law (30 states followed Ohio's example). I think Ohio is the first state with the Heartbeat Bill, but it won't be the last.



Abortion organizations and marketing go after minorities, the disabled, the sick and females. And sometimes, or often, it's simply for the convenience of the mother.

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Bob said...

We should not kill unborn children, in the USA or Australia.