Friday, September 16, 2011

Toilet shopping again

This time it's for our cottage at Lakeside. I'd like a taller toilet. I feel like we've got a kindergarten comode up there and that's not good for someone with a bad back. Plus, the floor is feeling a tad squishy. Nothing shows beneath, but in 1944 when this house was built, I think things were sturdier, so it may only be the subflooring under the linoleum is getting wet. In any case, I'd like to not have to rip up the floor, so maybe when we take the toilet out that would solve the problem and the floor would dry out.

Nothing's easy when married to an architect. I think we'll have to go to Lowe's and look. So far, my choice is the cute little Jacuzzi Perfecta round which is $127. And I liked one of the reviewers who seemed to have a sense of humor.
I've had mine for well over a year and it rarely (but still does about once every 3-4 months) clogs. I rated it average on features because what features should a toilet have? Stuff goes in it, you flush it down, works 99% of the time, end of story. Well, the seat that comes with it is cheap and needs to be replaced so I guess that's a feature con.


Norma said...

David Dicke and Richard Johnson have both said really good things about this toilet. Isn't the internet wonderful?

Anonymous said...

My goodness what is next. What type of tissue to use? I hope is an good fashion reg flush or Rand Paul will be after you as un-American.May it flush forever and back up never.It's a wonderful world.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping it isn't one of those flush-three-times toilets like the greenies love.