Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gardacil and Candidates Perry and Palin

This blogger has lost respect for Sarah Palin for the Gardacil flogging she gave Perry.
Just remember all the things the Clintons said about Obama during the campaign, but Hillary got one of the most powerful posts in the world out of it. Maybe. . .
Rick Perry made a mistake when he mandated by executive order that all girls from the age of 12 on receive the Gardasil injection to protect them from contracting the Human Papiloma Virus, a sexually transmitted disease. His intent was to mandate the vaccine so that the insurance companies would have to pay for it. He SHOULD have let the Texas legislature pass it as a bill, but he didn't do it. He has admitted he made a mistake, and he has apologized for it. Well we say, "Let he who is without guilt cast the first stone." Who doesn't make mistakes? But, how many have the dignity, honesty and integrity to apologize for it publicly? The present occupant of the White House certainly would not.

In his mandate there was a clause that allowed parents to "Opt Out" and not have their daughters vaccinated, but that was given little publicity. Not one girl child in Texas was vaccinated with Gardasil against her will. Bachman also tried to imply that Rick Perry had received a donation from a pharmaceutical company, but was cautious not to name which one. Governor Perry himself identified it as being Merck Laboratories, and the amount of their donation to his campaign had been $500,000. We happen know Texans who can easily write a personal check for that amount and often do, and not just to Rick Perry. Democrats too are recipients of the generosity. Michelle Bachman was way off base with her ugly implication. In trying to attack Perry she did herself more harm than good. Would Merck have profited from this action? Yes, of course they would, as do all the pharmaceutical companies who profit from the "mandated baby shots" all newborn infants receive, and no child can enter school without.

When Sarah Palin continued to harp on the subject and to criticize her now former good friend, We lost a great deal of respect for her. She might say that she's not afraid to call fellow Republicans on thing they do wrong, but Sarah Palin knew all about the "Gardasil affair" when she came to Texas to endorse Rick Perry, and it didn't seem to bother her then at all. In fact she brought along her youngest daughter Piper, to meet the wicked Governor. In March of 2007, the Texas legislature overturned Perry's executive order. That should have been the end of the story.
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Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
Yes everybody makes mistakes. Like the check to Perry. It was $5,000 not $500,000.
Apology not needed!

Norma said...

Thanks, Murray, for the good eye.

Anonymous said...

Now why would Perry be so scientific minded and forward thinking to promote Gardisil which has the potential to lower the cancer rate in his state when he wouldn't even promote condoms and sticks to abstinence as the only sexual education instruction to young people? But he really likes the idea of young girls (how about the boys??) being vaccinated against a strain or 2 of HPV....
Hhmmmm, my cynical mind says that $$ is involved. OK,,, Mr Perry,,, buy some stock in a condom factory. And listen to what knowledgable educators say about promoting abstinance, It DOESN'T WORK!!

Lucy paingainfeign Take the train

Anonymous said...

Actually Lucy goosey, abstinance works every time. No baby, no STD, no future cancer, no broken heart, no stain on the blue dress.