Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Where are the Benghazi survivors?


There are still many unanswered questions despite what Obama’s PR machine reports. (Jay Carney says all questions have been settled.)

Are they being protected?  Hidden?  Imprisoned?

Are they dead?  Never existed?


Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
Investigative reporting is long gone to the demise of the American public. Even Fox falls short as there is only so much time avaiable for the constant cascading of ugly events by the Obama team.

Norma said...

How hard can it be to find the survivors. If they are alive.

Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
Me thinks Jay may have meant all the questions have been asked so don't bother asking anymore! So far no one has even come forward to say who kept the President informed during the massacre !!!! Gee, I wonder Y?