Monday, June 23, 2014

A beautiful Sunday evening in the park at Lakeside

Nestled in a grove of trees at Lakeside with a great view of the lake and sail boats, there’s a darling gazebo (Steele Memorial Bandstand) wired for sound and lights with a half moon seating of old fashioned, uncomfortable park benches with plenty of room to spread a blanket for a picnic while keeping an eye on the kiddoes playing on the swings. Many weddings are held here, but most importantly, the Sunday evening programs using  local Ohio groups with a more spiritual bent than the usual fare.  Last night was a group of Mennonites (or it began that way), and it may have been my only chance to hear a band play and sing about going  to the Mennonite church on Sunday.  But they were a fun group with a lot of original songs and some cover, and all seemed be be talented musicians—school teachers by trade.  They explained their name, Honeytown, but I don’t recall it now.  They organized in 2007 after performing for a Mennonite Teachers’ Conference, adding a few instruments and developed a nice folk-bluegrass sound, then adding some original rock songs and a cappella.  If you need a fun group to play at your conference, wedding or other event, and you live in the Midwest, contact them.

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