Monday, June 30, 2014

Workplace awards for performance


Are you proud your contributions are being used for abortions? Ever wonder how a counselor at Aurora “exceeds” abortion visits? Do you think she’s suggesting other options?  Discussing the health hazards? Suggesting that abstinence might be an option?  That the client need not submit to the boyfriend’s demand that she abort? If the client is underage, do you suppose this will be reported to the police?  If she doesn’t speak English and brings in an “interpreter, do you suppose Aurora's staffer will suspect she’s been trafficked from another country and needs to quickly abort to get back on the pimp’s payroll? If the client seems conflicted, do you really think Aurora counselors will refer the client to an adoption service? Will she notice the teen has a pushy Mom insisting on abortion or she’ll be put on the street? Will the client tell the counselor about the abuse of her step-father, or will she just get signed up for a quicky abortion and sent home home alone to pass a bloody mess in the toilet?

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