Tuesday, June 03, 2014


“Hip bursitis may involve pain on the side of the hip, often radiating to the thigh. The hip area may be painful to the touch. Although range of motion of the hip may appear normal during the physical exam, the symptoms of trochanteric bursitis may be exacerbated by lying on your side, walking (especially uphill), climbing stairs and standing up from a seated position.”

Physical therapy is making a difference, but slowly. I can now walk downstairs without pain, but walking upstairs is still an effort. I think I’m walking faster, but still limp. The exercises are for strengthening the core so that I don’t reinjure anything, and for making the left leg stronger, because apparently the right was doing more than its share, thus causing the inflammation.

Based on the pain, I realize this had gradually been coming on for years, but because it would go away when I stopped whatever aggravated it, I didn’t give it much thought.  In mid-December, after a vigorous day of up and down stairs in various buildings, the pain just never stopped.

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