Sunday, June 29, 2014

Don’t blame President Obama!

Don't blame President Obama!
1.  The law schools were adrift before he was born.  Jurists were substituting opinion and passion for knowledge and precedent before he was an implanted embryo in his unmarried teenager mother.  Whether it’s the 9th circuit or the Supremes, don’t blame the President for the mess lawyers have made.  He’s a “constitutional lawyer” who’s been taught only what his professors knew.

2.  Don’t blame Obama or any of the Presidents since Wilson for the failures of American education. John Dewey who pioneered social outcome, progressive education was born over 100 years before Obama.  Progressive education was incubated and thrived at America’s universities, and then was passed on into the general education system to meet social and political goals.  That social goals are more important than math or science or even western civilization can‘t even be put at the feet of Presidents Bush, Clinton or Carter, who created the Department of Education, not even Eisenhower who ordered the schools desegregated, so don‘t lay that expensive, overfed turkey on Obama‘s plate.

3.  Don’t blame the President for moral and ethical failures of the church and family. The churches began buying into 19th century scholars at seminaries and universities challenging the truth, history and moral teachings of the Bible well over 100 years before his grandparents who raised him became agnostics and Jim Wallis‘ grandparents were probably still Bible thumpers.  And those academicians and theologians were pointing back to theories and challenges centuries before them cooked up by Germans.

Collecting my Thoughts, January 26, 2012

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