Monday, June 02, 2014

This failed in Congress, with his own party, so he’s going it alone

Cap and Trade failed in Congress--there weren't enough Democrats to support it. Some of them want the economy to recover, and want to hold their seats.  But Obama really owes his leftist supporters, so he's going it alone.  Who needs a Congress when you've got a Czar? In a week in which he gave the worst speech of his career, traded five terrorists for a deserter, was AWOL on the VA scandal, and got two members of his administration to take the fall for him, his ratings couldn't go any lower, so why not just confirm that Congress is an outdated vestige of a past that included a Constitution that outlaws just about everything he does?.


“Personally, I'm pretty skeptical that enough Democrats would have embraced cap and trade, even if the president had put it before health care. Democrats were willing to do a suicide charge on health care because they (incorrectly, so far) assumed that it would be much more popular after it was passed. Only a lunatic could have thought that Cap and Trade would be more popular once it started taking chunks out of peoples' paychecks. Especially in the middle of a brutal economic crisis.”

The truth is there weren’t enough Democrats willing to support a carbon cap, let along Republicans. Michael Shellenberger of the Breakthrough Institute—a think tank that is highly skeptical of cap and trade—told me that his group spoke to environmental lobbyists back in 2008 who were working on a cap-and-trade bill in the Senate then, the Warner-Lieberman bill. Though it never went to a full vote, Shellenberger believes that a carbon cap bill in 2008 would have received no more than 35 votes. Now there are more Democrats in the Senate than there were then, and political realities change with a Democratic president in the White House—but that’s still a huge gap.

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Some think this will help the left in the election--energize his base. Doesn't play well in coal states.