Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The mess at our border

Have you seen the photos of the "unaccompanied children" (abandoned? kidnapped?) being dropped off in Arizona and other southern states? Most aren't Mexicans--their immigration rules are stricter than the U.S. They are mostly from Central America and not welcome in Mexico. They are dark skinned, some indigenous people, some mixed-race, flooding north because opportunities for education and a comfortable life style are limited in their home countries. In their countries the... power structure in business and government is mostly white European or Mestizo. Rather than provide opportunity for all, Central America and Mexico just push their bi-racial and indigenous people north. It would be like the U.S. rounding up anyone 1/8th or more African heritage, unemployed or underemployed, and sending them to Canada or Mexico with the message that we have no job growth or opportunities because of regressive-socialist government policies, so maybe someone else can handle it.

"If the Obama administration put half the effort into securing our border as it has invested to institute this operation, our state and nation would not be facing this situation," Gov. Jan Brewer (AZ) said.

Republican candidates in search of votes, are doing their usual limp spine tap dance, instead of speaking up for what is right for American citizens, particularly our minority population who will have to compete for jobs and college slots with these newcomers.

“More likely, the migration is a result of ambivalent immigration policy that is sending mixed signals abroad. While the Obama administration has deported a record 2 million people, the administration has also extended a compassionate arm to undocumented children. It’s no surprise, then, that there’s a widespread belief in Central America that if kids can survive the treacherous journey and get across that border somehow, they will be allowed to stay.”


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