Monday, June 09, 2014

The new student loan bail out

Today I was watching a program on college student debt, graduates living with their parents, and Obama to step in with yet another government solution. This is so counter productive. 1) Grow the economy and get them employed; 2) stop funneling money for loans so colleges won't continue to raise tuition and fees at the feed trough. Also, I don't know a single recent graduate (who chose a smart degree field) that isn't employed and whittling down his debt without my help.

I don't expect the government to "create" the jobs that would help the college students pay down their debt, move out of mom's basement, get married, buy a home, etc. But I do expect the federal government to stop making it so difficult for investors to help the entrepreneurs, to stop adding burdens with new EPA regulations and health care taxes that discourage expansion, and stop making it easier for the underemployed to stay that way through transfer payments.

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Anonymous said...

The government has created student loan debt and now has figured out a solution?