Monday, June 23, 2014

Smack down of NYT anti-Walmart story

To the claim that Walmart is "a net drain on taxpayers," [David]Tovar answers: "We are the largest taxpayer in America. Can we see your math?" He adds that "we see more associates move off of public assistance as a result of their jobs at Walmart" and links to a corporate video touting one such case. (The point of comparison for Tovar's reference to "more associates" is unclear.)

Regarding the food donation drive, he writes: "To clarify, associates were helping associates during unexpected hard times (fires, divorce, loss of life, etc.). And a noble cause, no doubt. As for the Wisconsin claim, Tovar notes that PolitiFact, the left-leaning "fact checking" outfit, rated it "mostly false." Tovar also disputes some of Egan's factual claims, not quoted above, about Walmart's pay levels.

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