Thursday, February 05, 2015

Is the immigration law broken or not followed?

Instead of claiming the immigration system is broken, let's tell the truth. No one, not the federal government, not employers, not non-profit do-gooders, and not illegals follow the law. I don't know how to check this, but Michael Medved says the biggest violators are not those who come over the southern border, but those who come on student and work visas and then over-stay. "Meanwhile, some conservatives still decry a tidal wave of illegal immigration from Mexico, even though all arrivals from that country, legal and illegal, made-up just 13 percent of all immigrants between 2010 and 2013. Immigrants from Asia outnumbered Mexicans by 3-and-a-half to one, and continue to represent the bulk of new arrivals." (Michael Medved)

BTW, Michael Medved who is a conservative talk show host on politics and popular culture  from Seattle is on locally at 3 p.m. on 98.9 FM, but has had surgery for throat cancer, and right now is healing and has substitute hosts.  Praying for your recovery.

“I was diagnosed in the middle of December with stage three throat cancer. I began medical treatment immediately at one of the finest cancer centers in the country and my prognosis for full recovery is very good; in the great majority of cases, this is a highly curable form of cancer. In fact, given my fierce desire to keep doing the show I managed to broadcast every day while completing more than half of my daily radiation and weekly chemotherapy treatments. I would go to the hospital first thing in the morning then make my way down to our Seattle studios to do the live show. The doctors warned me that this would become increasingly difficult.” Link

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