Friday, February 06, 2015

The President’s gaffs at the National Prayer Breakfast

Lots of buzz about what the President said at the National Prayer breakfast yesterday. This guy really needs to be quiet about religion. First he decides to compare ISIS terrorism with the Christians who killed during the Crusades, without mentioning it was a reaction to the Muslims taking over Christian countries for a few centuries and forcing conversions on the threat of death. Then he throws in the inquisition and U.S. slavery and Jim Crow.

None of those comparisons make the Muslims look very good if that's the standard, Mr. President. Arabs began the cross-Atlantic slave trade by selling Africans to the European slavers, and today's slave trade is still heavily Muslim based. Free blacks in the U.S. owned slaves at a higher rate than whites in the South in the early 1800s. And Jim Crow of the 20th century was a gift from Democrats--not Christians or Muslims. Really, he needs someone on his staff who knows a little history.

If I were going to talk about violence among Christians, I'd suggest the death of Tyndale. He smuggled English Bibles into England so people could read the Bible in their own language. His English was more influential even than Shakespeare's for our modern language. He was strangled and burned at the stake for his effort. I'm not sure if Henry VIII was Catholic or Anglican at the time, but someone thought Tyndale needed to die. He was a threat to the power structure.

Obama is just way too eager to deflect any pressure on the world Muslim community to stop the behavior of the ones he claims are not real Muslims. His behavior seems to be having the opposite effect--he seems to be enabling it.

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