Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fallout from Obamacare—we’re losing doctors

My husband saw a medical specialist today who had an interesting story, which she said she can't tell her children because they are all Democrats and think Obama walks on water. She said that for the first three months after signing up for Obamacare (we live in Ohio, of course), the person isn't charged premiums (or at least they aren't due). So they get a lot of medical care during that time, then by the time the insurance claims make it through the system for payment to the doctor, they haven't paid their premiums and the doctors don't get paid. Neat scam, right? So how many doctors do you think will take Obamacare enrollees as new patients? Dr. Meenam says, “Absolutely true, and the doctors are not given any notice that the patient is delinquent, just told to send back the payments they have received if the patient who had services doesn't pay.”  She got out of medical care before Obama’s plan kicked in.

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen the graduating classes from Medical Schools?? And the numbers of NP's and PA's who are graduating?? For every one dropping 4 more are graduating. As far as The problems with the ACA, they're fixable, small things in the great scheme of things. How do you fit those small things in when there are now thousands of people alive, who without the ACA, would have been dead. Stop complaining and figure out how to fix the small things.