Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Never waste a crisis, Mr. President

I personally hope the governor of SC will remove the Confederate flag, but then all progressives, Democrats, Occupiers, Socialists and junior faculty who teach college freshmen Communist mush will have to promise not to go after other forms of free speech and memorials. Ha. We know that will never happen. The flag demand is just the prelude to a symphony of rage, so bring it down if you wish, but don't for a minute think it will stop there.

Ft. Hood where the Muslim terrorist who wasn't considered either but killed 13 and injured over 30, is named for Confederate General John Bell Hood. I've never understood that because although he was considered very brave, he was reckless and lost a lot of battles. Maybe he helped the North win and that's why it's named for him. And plenty more are also named for Confederates with a vast majority of US Army installations below the Mason-Dixon line named after Confederate generals. So no, I don't think if these demands are met (remove a flag flying over SC) it will end, [motto of the President's aide, Emanuel, Never waste a crisis]. And of course, all the U.S. military, if you know anything about the left.

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