Sunday, June 07, 2015

Quote Guttmacher and get called a Bible thumper

I have no idea who Marsha Holderfield, a commenter at the Daily Beast is, but she called me a right wing bible [sic] thumper who watches Fox (she didn't use that term) and said I was an embarrassment to women for citing statistics on abortion and the role Planned Parenthood plays in eliminating minority babies (38% of the pregnancies of black women). So I responded:

Marsha Holderfield, have you read the Planned Parenthood web site and literature? This is directly from them, as are the stats (Guttmacher Institute) on abortion. Planned Parenthood receives over $360 million annually in our tax dollars, and gives $2,142,076 to their “research” arm, Guttmacher. So unless you think Guttmacher is "right wing" or Fox moles, you're just wrong and have added nothing but insults to this discussion (you're hoping I'll give you that link to their masturbation guide for children, but I won't). And what is your problem with Fox News? Not enough left wing opinion like ABC, CBS and NBC mixed in with the hard news? People who watch cable news (about 40%) are much more engaged than those who watch broadcast (about 70%), and people who watch Fox also watch CNN and MSNBC and their local outlets. (Pew Research, "How Americans get their News"). There; I've written a paragraph without insulting you or calling you names. Let's see if you can do that. It will be good practice for your next job interview.
I mention job interviews because employers can search the internet too, it's not just the NSA or the IRS. They look for racism, sexism, ageism, hateful comments, unpaid bills, bad grammar and English, and who your friends are. I heard a Repo man on the radio say he's been trying to impound a car for six months, but the owner kept evading him and the bank who had hired him. On her Facebook page he saw that her mother died, so he went to the funeral home to remove her car. If I were still working I wouldn't be posting on FaceBook. At least not about politics.

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