Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wal-Mart, Amazon and others to stop selling Civil War confederate symbols

Our educational theme this week at Lakeside is WWII. We've reviewed the horrors of the European theater and the Pacific theater. Within just a few years after the end of the war on two fronts we were trading partners and chummy with Japan and Germany. Our academics were agonizing over whether the bomb was necessary and paying reparations to Japanese Americans. My father brought home souvenirs made in Japan after the war when just a few months before Americans were trashing everything that had a Japan stamp on it. The U.S. rushed to save the starving and battered Germans and helped rebuild their cities we had been destroying.

But it seems we have a segment in our own country, primarily leftists who are unhappy that in the last 50 years Democrats have lost the vote south of the Ohio River particularly the last decade, that just must continue to punish the South. The internet is alive with calls for retribution—150 years later—for the sins and evil of Dylann Roof.  The patriotism in the southern states could put the North Eastern blue states to shame as they push our country toward socialism and statism, the very political ideas our fathers and grandfathers fought. Major retailers are rushing to please their government bosses, removing the remnants of the Confederacy while still selling Nazi paraphernalia. But then Nazi is short for "National Socialist," a system of government where private businesses were allowed but the government regulated everything from the idea to the owner to the employees to the supply chain to the consumer. A system that taught, "You didn't build that."

On Tuesday, several well-known retailers, including Wal-Mart and eBay [as well as Amazon, Target, Etsy, Sears], announced they would no longer sell or offer merchandise featuring the Confederate battle flag. But, Twitchy said, a number of people noticed a bit of hypocrisy in the items remaining for sale.

Walmart, for example, continues to offer Che Guevara posters for a mere $46.55. Guevara, said, "was a Marxist revolutionary allied with Fidel Castro who went on to become an iconic cultural hero." The retail giant also offers at least three Lynyrd Skynrd CDs that prominently feature the battle flag as of this writing. We contacted Walmart to determine if they intend to remove the items but have not received a reply. The retail store, however issued a statement on its decision. [we never intend to offend anyone].


Anonymous said...

Most people on the American left really do think that fighting for the Confederacy — a country founded for the purpose of maintaining slavery — was morally wrong and unworthy of recognition.
The United States has historically been very unusual in its official commemoration of the leaders of a failed rebellion against the government, and the story behind that commemoration is one of a rather sordid bargain in which white Americans from the North and the South agreed to sweep the interests of black Americans under the rug.
The stability of that "compromise" is now coming undone, and rightly so.

Norma said...

Thankfully, it was the Republicans that saw the evil of slavery and did something. Not the left, not Democrats, not progressives, not socialists. There is more slavery in the world today than in the 18th c. and it is generally free market, Democracies fighting it, and Christian organizations. Not everyone on the left ignores the child labor and sex trafficking, but because they are apologists for Islamic terrorism, they support it indirectly, making their weak whimpers about a war won 150 years ago sound ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Only the woefully unenlightened would believe it's possible to compare the Republican party of A. Lincoln, to the Republican party of the Southern Strategy introduced by Lee Atwater and Roger Ailes on behalf of Richard Nixon. Or today's Republican party of voter suppression and disenfranchisement courtesy of the Republican party of Fox News (Roger Ailes), Tom Delay and Jim DeMint.

And, it's remarkable you would call out the slavery of the free market.
The very same free market and very same free market practices proselytized and defended by every GOP politician at every town hall meeting and every church gathering in every state in the nation. The same free market touted by Ayn Rand and warmly embraced by Paul Ryan, Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker - EVERY leading GOP presidential candidate in the last 35 years.

And, regarding your defamation of billions of the muslim faith when crying out about Islamic terrorism, at little reality check is clearly in order -
A recent survey conducted with the Police Executive Research Forum finds that police departments throughout America fear Right Wing, Anti-Government Violence and Extremism far more than Islamic terrorists.

Also, a recent study by America's premiere military academy, West Point's Combating Terrorism Center, found that the greatest threat to homeland security is from:
1) America's Violent Far Right
2) Christian Identity Groups and Fundamentalists

But alas, I'm quite certain you don't possess the integrity to share these facts with your readers.

Norma said...

If you'd gotten any more windy and misguided, I would have suggested you write your own blog. I subscribe to the government terrorist research website, and you're twisted, but getting warm. The "southern strategy" as you call it, didn't work. Until the last decade Democrats still had a lot of power in the South, as in Clinton, Gore, Edwards, etc., and the Democrats need to seed lies, hate and bigotry because they've all but lost the south in the last 2 elections, and that didn't happen in the 1960s, but in the 21st century. And because you insult the writer of this blog, your next blast will not see the light of day. You trolls never learn.

Norma said...

"The American left has, running through it, the same totalitarian streak that ran through the Communists, their kissing-cousins the Nazis, and the Islamic State. The left, always in search of a utopia, decides to force utopia on the world. That requires their inner totalitarian."