Friday, June 19, 2015

Rutherford on race in South Carolina

Todd Rutherford, a South Carolina state legislator, spoke out on CNN about what a racist state he represents (I assume he couldn't be elected without white support) and that Fox News spews hate for blacks (despite its many minority correspondents and show hosts and panel members). So Bill O'Reilly, who has an opinion show on Fox (not a news show which many liberals confuse) invited him on his show to present his side.

Rutherford made a fool of himself, in my opinion, and insulted millions by accusing them of being racist for watching Fox.  He rehashed some stories about Obama I've never heard on Fox, but have certainly seen passed around the internet. He couldn’t identify a single show or comment as being told on Fox, but simply repeated himself.

Like other Democrats, Rutherford equates any criticism of Obama (the Iraq pull out, or executive over reach, or the Beau Bergdahl trade, or our weak border security)  with racism, because how could there be any other explanation than racism when he's been elected twice?

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