Friday, June 19, 2015

Daily Beast writer blames “white culture” for the Charleston tragedy

One white man equals a national need to have a conversation on white culture, but when a black man kills, it's poverty or poor self esteem or lack of fathers or a failing school system? Why do the deaths of blacks only matter when the killer is white? Write about Chicago and Baltimore's crime rates going up under this administration's blaming everyone but the perpetrator. This is simply ridiculous. In 1963 I was blamed for JFK's death and I'm not speaking for the nation or all white women, but I am very, very tired of these smears. Charleston has shown the whole country how to come together in the face of tragedy, and I just hope they can keep the Holders and Sharptons out of town. And the writers for the Beast. The author of this piece primarily wanted to talk about his own experience--he's very close to Obama's making his speech about himself instead of the victims. I suppose I could generalize about 2 black guys who think everything is about them, but I won’t.

Twaddle followed up with drivel here:

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