Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Grace and Frankie

I don't understand how Netflix works, but obviously it was up on current events (and anticipating and pushing for them) with "Grace and Frankie," a series about two older 70s something women (Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin) whose husbands decide to leave them so they can marry each other. Reading the story lines, I see it's rather smarmy (now there's a shocker!), but has been picked up for another season.

Somewhere I read (and it’s not worth looking up) that although only 2% of Americans are LGBT, about 20% of the themes in movies, TV and theater are. This series pushes the envelope of decency with humor, good writing and well known stars. It’s a formula that works.  Let’s assume no judgment about right or wrong, or sin or religion.  Let’s just consider biology and anatomy.  Inserting the penis into another’s anus or mouth for sexual pleasure, for love, is not natural. It might be many things, including disease transfer or a power statement, but those body parts were never intended to work together for the glory of God, for procreation, or for comfort.  So why would certain groups, both gay and straight, in entertainment and politics, be pushing so hard for its acceptance? If you have an answer that doesn’t include calling me names, leave a comment.  Otherwise, don’t comment because it won’t be published.

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Dan Nieman said...

This is an answer that could get us both in trouble, but I think it is true. We are in a spiritual war, in which the world system is against America.

I think I saw the panoramic view of it, when I was off work Friday.

1. Everything is racially charged
2. We are not allowed to question the amount of immigration that comes into the country.
3, Any vestige of dissent (the confederate flag) is put down.
4. And the world has a party because homosexual marriage is allowed in all 50 states.

Pushing perversion is just another way to spiritually sodomize the rest of us.

Post this if you want. Discard it if you want. They are just my thoughts..