Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thank you for that, New York Times

Thanks to the New York Times investigative journalism, we now know more about Marco Rubio than Barack Obama. We know he took out student loans to go to law school and paid them back (shocker), that he lost money on one home sale during the housing bubble (wow), that he had 4 traffic tickets in 18 years (ouch), and he has an $80,000 boat bought after he got a $800,000 advance on his book. Gee, Bill Clinton can get more than that for two 15 minute speeches for foreign governments, and his speaking fees went up after Hillary became Secretary of State. NYT called Rubio's debt staggering, but Saturday one of their reporters, Lee Segal, wrote a piece on how to stiff tax payers and universities by defaulting on student loans.

Can't wait to see what Soros money can dig up about Scott Walker. . . although actually just because David Brock is grateful for Soros' generosity doesn't positively identify his fingerprints all over the Rubio story. It was just the smell in the room.

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