Monday, June 22, 2015

Five no-no white edibles

I ran into a friend last night we see only in the summer.  She’s lost about 20 lbs since I last saw her and looks and feels great.  I asked her how she did it, and she said she gave up 5 white things.  1)  White sugar, 2) white flour, 3) white rice, 4) white shortening, Crisco, 5) and white potatoes.  To give up sugar she said she had to detox for 2 weeks, and got headaches and the shakes.  Wow.  Sugar was never my problem, I’m a potato chip and cheese crackers gal, and I didn’t eat a lot of rice (although now I am eating brown rice), and flour was only if I baked, of which I don’t do much.  Potatoes are a powerhouse of nutrition—so I still eat those on occasion.  She’s hoping to get off all her medications.  Her doctor said she was obese and laid down the law.  I couldn’t even get a doctor to tell me I was over weight when I complained about leg pain.  I’ve been using an exercyle, but she uses some sort of trampoline thingy because she has bad feet and it provides a nice cushion.  She loves it.  We both expressed some concern about our wrinkles.  Fat is such a great crease filler!  She has beautiful skin, and no wrinkles at all on her face (so far with 20 lb gone), so we’ll see.   I’ve lost 30 lbs., and only gave up my “triggers,” those things that make me eat more (I bear no responsibility—ha, ha) like peanut butter, cheese, and potato chips, plus any meal that needs a few pieces of bread to hold it together. So I’m eating a lot more fruits and vegetables, more beans, brown rice, onions, red cabbage, dark lettuce and greens, more fat free yogurt and less meat, fewer potatoes. I’ve added 35-40 minutes a day of exercise.  I hate exercise.  In 6 months I think I’ve had French Fries twice and maybe potato chips once. I added in my dark chocolate drink, which satisfies a lot of cravings. Every BODY is different.  Find your spot and stay there.


2013 at 165 lbs and counting (it went up)


2015 ca. 140 lbs (not sure of the date)

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