Tuesday, March 27, 2018

More housecleaning

We took a load to Volunteers of America this morning, saying good-by to:

Kitty carrier—served our 3 cats from 1976-2016

Kitty litter box with detachable lid, bright pink

Small pillow with sides for the cat

Black drapery pole

Black men’s dress shoes size 8

Robert Bruce label sweater

Singer Sewing machine purchase in 1960

Rubber ring chair seat for surgery

puppy pads

small coffee maker

And then on to the Lane Rd branch of our library to drop off recent issues in big boxes of

various artist magazines




At the last minute I pulled out the 12 cup coffee maker that my mom gave me in the 1970s.  Not for sentimental reasons, but we have company coming, and I can always give it away later.

The bathtub grab bar will go up to the lake house.

My friend Sue wants the toilet seat and Marti wants the 4” rise for a toilet seat.

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