Monday, March 12, 2018

The Loyal Judith has arrived. . . 1732

Just browsing around an internet site called e-books and texts (15 million books) and clicked on the University of Illinois collection and noticed an old government document for Pennsylvania about foreigners who'd taken an oath of allegiance to the province in the 1700s and to King George II. I checked my own record and found the Loyal Judith had docked in Philadelphia on Sept. 25, 1732, so I flipped the pages and there they were: Different libraries submit their special collections, and U. of I. had 80,000+ in Illinois history, railroads, agriculture, rural studies, et. Lots of Canadian libraries, gov't libraries, special collections like comic books and children's, and special libraries For all its problems, the internet is amazing. Still, serendipity and flipping pages is not very efficient. Maybe there's a finding tool or index.

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